The death of Diego Maradona

Unfortunately, one of the worlds greatest soccer players has passed away. Diego Maradona passed away on November 25th, 2020 due to a heart attack. Throughout Diego’s life he inspired millions of soccer players all around the world.


Diego Maradona is arguably one of, or the best players to ever play the game of soccer, or to his country and most around the world known as futbol. Maradona was able to end his soccer career and pass away with quite the list of accomplishments. Alongside being voted FIFA’s best player of the century, Maradona also won South American player of the year, Won the European Cup, Golden Ball winner, and most important, a World Cup. From continent to continent, fans all over the world grew up knowing about the soccer star. Maradona inspired myself to even become half the player he is. His contagious attitude, skillful moves on the ball, and his heart he had for more than the game was impeccable. Maradona was so inspiring throughout his life, he even had Hollywood athletes like Kobe Bryant, looking up to him as an idol.

History & Accomplishments

Diego Maradona was the modern day Ronaldo or Messi. Except Maradona has done something that they both have yet to do. Win a FIFA World Cup. The legend made his debut for Argentinos Juniors in 1976. While spending five years there, he scored 115 goals in 167 appearances. He then would continue his career at one of the best futbol clubs in the world, FC Barcelona for a world record 5 million fee. The legend has 312 goals throughout his whole career with eight goals and eight assists in 21 World Cup appearances. He captained Argentina 16 times while leading the whole nation to the World Cup title in 1986. Maradona retired in 1997, and did not return to competitive futbol ever. He of course joined colleges in charity matches where money would be raised for trusts & organizations. Maradona would then go on to pass down his skills to the next generation and coach eight different club teams, as well as joining in the national level and coaching players like Messi, Aguero, and Higuian.

Maradona made his mistakes as all of us humans do, but it’s the passion and love for the game that separated him from the rest. Maradona always had a smile on, and was ready to put his best foot forward when his name and number were called. Rest In Peace, Legend.

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