Quarantine day’s

What is quarantine?

All we all know by now COVID-19 has affected us immensely, and although there isn’t an exact number, thousands of people have quarantined due to COVID-19. Most people are required to quarantine for a certain time period before they are allowed to leave the house. Until those days are up then they cannot leave the house at all. Due to the inconsideration of people, not everyone listens to that and that is one way that the virus spreads. Although I have not received this virus, I have teammates and family who have. Through their experience, they have to stay inside for the first eleven days if they tested positive for covid, then they are free to go. If they were a roommate of that person, but tested negative they would still have to quarantine for a 14 day period, before doing anything outside of their home. Please stay home if you know you should. If you’re not sure on your situation then this may help.

What to do?

A lot of people get bored and are tempted to leave their house due to the fact that staring at video games or their phone is enough to distract. I suggest that you do something that you normally wouldn’t. Take a piece of paper and make a to-do list. These will help you understand and visually see things that you want to accomplish during this time! In my opinion, if you leave this 2020 the same way you entered it, then you missed out on a great opportunity to become a better version of yourself. It’s not easy getting outside your comfort zone, but there is no better time to do it, than when you have time on your hands during quarantine! Go for that run, do some yoga, read a book, cook something rather than a frozen pizza! This is a time period in our lives where we have an opportunity to take a bad, unfortunate situation and turn it into a great one.  If you’re struggling to think of things to do, then let me help direct you!

Ask for help

These time we are going through are tough. We have a lot of alone thinking time in our rooms and sometimes too much time could go bad. Nobody is ever too good or big to ask for or need help. Down below is the suicide prevention lifeline that I encourage everyone to use if they feel like they need it. Your life matters. Please click here for help.

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